American African company for Interational businees


We are a fast growing business underpinned by creative management team.

AMAFCO adopts (customer focus scheme) to guarantee gaining total customer

satisfaction and achieving maximum quality levels.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Business Divisions& Teams.
    Our unique system of dividing AMAFCO experts and marketers into teams based on their specialty field is our strong point to handle hundreds of products and items which we distribute and deliver to our own outlets or through other retailers. Here is our main divisions;
    • 1- Food, agricultural products.
    • 2- Chemical & petrochemical products
    • 3- Building Materials
    • 4- Steel, non-ferrous metal, and Lubricants.
    • 5- Textile products, garments, and safety products.
    • 6- Supply, logistics, and retail team
  • Business Strategy.
    We reach our goals and maximize company return by executing the following activities/strategy;
    • 1- Marketing and consultancy services for new products,
    • 2- wholesale distribution and retailing.
    • 3- Effective consistent Logistic service up to end user .
    • 4- Performing market research and developing right strategies.
  • Assets& Facilities
    To ensure rigid supply chain from maker to consumer, top team invested extensively to build a reliable management system of inventory and balancing demand with availability. Central warehouses set in Tunis and Tripoli, a marvel fleet of vans and trucks, well-trained teams, and state-of-the-art IT networking system have made us one of successful businesses in the region.
  • Global Presence
    Exhibitions and Conferences
    AMAFCO upper team believe that a management of change strategy demands being so close to brand makers, new customers and comers, and technology. Since our establishment we have never ever lost a chance to attend top exhibition in the region. Mostly, they are;
    • Gulfood - Dubai
    • SIAL Paris
    • Turkbuild
    • Big 5 - Dubai
    • ADIPEC - Abu DhbI